Cocomo2ME is a simplified COCOMO-II cost analysis calculator which runs on Java-mobile devices.

It requires J2ME, CLDC-1.1, and MIDP-2.0.  The code and configuration are generic J2ME, but Cocomo2ME is only tested on a Motorola Razr V3t.  It was built using Motodev Studio 2.0.

To use:

  1. Calculate your Base EAF using a standard COCOMO-II tool on a standard computer (see "To calculate your base EAF" below).
  2. Start the application.
  3. Specify the number of Logical Source Lines of Code (Logical SLOC), the Base EAF, and levels for Application Experience, Platform Experience, and Language / Tools Experience.
  4. The calculated Person-Hours and Person-Months are displayed at the top and bottom of the display.  (Person-Hours calculation assumes 152 person-hours per month.)
  5. Your settings persist as you close and reload the application.

To calculate your base EAF, use a standard COCOMO-II analyzer on a computer (such as CoStar from Softstar Systems):

  1. Load or prepare an analysis for a generic project for your team.
  2. Set the APEX (Application Experience), PLEX (Platform Experience), and LTEX (Language / Tools Experience) cost-drivers to "Nominal".
  3. Display the formulas, and find the EAF value.  This will be your base EAF. It reflects the general capabilities of your team.  (In CoStar, this will be in the menu as Reports -> Equasions Report.)
  4. Your team's capabilities for a specific project are a combination of their general capabilities and their Application / Platform / Language-Tools experience.  The latter are all configurable within Cocomo2ME.

Cocomo2ME uses the henson.midp.Float11 library from Nikolay Klimchuk, available at:

Cocomo2ME is licensed under the GNU LGPL-2.1, except for which is copyright © 2004 Nikolay Klimchuk.

Cocomo2ME can be downloaded from:

The single .jar file is available at:

Bugs can be reported to "".

Enjoy your estimates.