Projects by Bibek Sahu and Sahu Consulting:

  • Trees for Life website - a non-profit organization that supports long-term development in the developing world
  • Trees for Life Journal - an online science journal
  • uc_salesforce - Drupal Ubercart / Salesforce Integration
  • GMPdotNet - .Net wrapper for the GNU MP big-number math library
  • gmp-win32-bin - the GNU MP big-number math library, windows binaries.
  • Cocomo2ME - a simplified COCOMO-II cost analysis calculator for Java-mobile (J2ME) devices
  • Patch to Linux kernel (MatroxFB) - while not truly a project, this 64-bit cleanliness patch to matroxfb_base.c by Bibek Sahu became part of the Linux kernel in 1999, and remains in the Linux kernel as of version 3.6 (October 2012). Linux Framebuffer drivers were not commonly used in 1999, but lie at the heart of Android displays today.