"Programming is a mixture of a highly technical skill and an aesthetic art." - Robert Dewar

Sahu Consulting is a backend software development firm, working both with legacy systems and modern technology.

Projects include the Trees for Life website, Trees for Life Journal - an online science journal, uc_salesforce - Drupal Ubercart / Salesforce Integration, Cocomo2ME (a J2ME project cost estimator), the GMPdotNet math library for .Net. Much older projects by Bibek Sahu include a data connector for a large industrial company (connecting their 20-year-old database to a new control system), the telemetry system for PrISUm ExCYtor, Iowa State University's fourth solar car, and work in the Linux Kernel.

Languages we're familiar with include C, ISO C++, C++/CLI, Java, Perl, JavaScript / ActionScript, HTML / CSS, and PHP.

Platforms we're familiar with include Microsoft Windows, UN*X / Linux, and Android.

Hardware architectures we're familiar with include x86 (32/64-bit), PPC (32/64-bit), DEC Alpha (64-bit), MIPS (32/64-bit), and ARM (32-bit).